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Emergency Electricians


Back in 2011, Australia was hit by a summer of natural disasters. The ABS notes that over 700,000 individuals required financial assistance from the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP) program. The natural disasters which rocked the country in that period include floods in WA, QLD, NSW and Vic, as well as the WA bushfires in 2011. When disaster strikes in your state, you want to have peace of mind knowing there are reliable services to offer support to you and your family.

The 2011 Queensland Floods required hundreds of emergency electricians to help restore power to the 67 affected suburbs. The Brisbane Times recommended residents of the floods to “contact a licensed electrician to do a safety check of wiring and switchboards before turning on the power. All electrical equipment that may have come into contact with floodwaters should also be checked by an electrician before using.” Read more